iLabs Overview

Trivium iLabs supports the development and growth of promising seed and early-stage business ventures by providing them with information, guidance, training, support, service and in select cases, mentorship, in areas of capital seeking, funding, office or lab space, Professional and Technological expertise, Corporate, Accounting, Human Resources, Tax and Legal services.

Startup Eco-system

Trivium iLabs Business Incubation and Acceleration Center is a place to start or grow your business.

Trivium team of professionals offers guidance and resources to assist clients with developing their businesses, integrating into the community, building stakeholder support and networking. All a dynamic environment designed to help emerging growth companies succeed.

Trivium Four Stage Quadrants

The Trivium Four Stage Quadrant wraps all the support services around the evolving needs of the Client – one that takes the “Center Stage”

Stages correspond to Starter, Basic, Professional (Pro) and Enterprise packages. Your needs grow as you scale. That’s how we support a company to upscale with services that needed in stages.

Trivium Stage-1 | Startup

Quadrant One symbolizes an early stage, seed-funded beginning. It is characterized by an Angel round of investment. Support services include creating the company, incorporation and capital structure. Some business support provided at this stage include developing, refining, outlining business plan; forecasting; evangelizing company among angel investors; and help raise additional seed financing.

Trivium Stage-2 | Business

Start up phase, or as some call it “Gearing up” or “Venturing out” or “Proof of Concept” stage. This is the stage where you will be getting ready to get series A funding. Business solutions delivered include cash forecasts and budget, firming up start up team, Website design, IT support – data lines, communication infrastructure, help with location and real estate lease,. process, policies and procedures, financial statement analysis, account policies, personnel files/compliance, benefits administration, employee handbook, stock option administration, 401k and tax prep.

Trivium Stage-3 | Enterprise

This is also known as the "getting serious" or “stepping into self sustenance” stage. Key goals at this stage are to raise Series AB funding, design organization structure, negotiating bank and equipment lines, etc. It is critical at this stage to scale company processes with formal budgeting and planning, financial/operational analysis, business partnering, IT support - Data lines, office/communications infrastructure, cash management systems, Board Meeting packages, HR strategy, incentive compensation and equity structure, capitalization tables, accounting, payroll and accounts payable and fixed assets administration, selection of audit firm, valuation and assessment of fair market value.

Trivium Stage-4 | Custom

At this stage, you’re staking out on your own and setting the company towards a self sustaining mode. It includes full scale support services that you would find at any ‘world class company’ without, perhaps the politics., and would include formal budget process, policies and procedures, selection of audit firm, software implementation and/or conversion, financial statement analysis, revenue recognition and other accounting policies, order to cash process, regulatory compliance,, accounts receivable and collections, personnel files/compliance, benefits administration, employee handbook, stock option administration, 401 K plans, collateral's, brochures, marketing communications support, selection of audit firm and tax preparation, software implementation, design and strengthen controls, M&A and due diligence support, valuation and assessment of fair market value, Mergers and acquisition due diligence.

Turning your thoughts into tangible ideas. The Business Incubator is a hub for entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into a paycheck. Now the Incubator is working on bringing a new avenue for great minds to come together in the manufacturing world by adding a ‘3D Innovation Center.” Which they say will boost minds and local business.

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Every Enterprise...

...was once a Startup

Award 2013

Star Startup Award

Trivium awards the most promising Startup company annually with a 5 Star status.

Award 2011

Star Charity Award

Trivium awards the company giving back in Charity annually with a 5 Star status.

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